Our child, Ritu Roy is currently 10 years old. When she was 1.5 years old she was diagnosed with a bilateral hearing loss. As suggested by DSP Hospital, we went to SAHAS.
SAHAS helped us gather a lot of strength and confidence and we started working with Ritu as per guidelines of the comprehensive Parents Training we attended.
As we progressed we observed that our daughter was somewhat different from other hearing impaired children. When Ritu was 2.5 years old Shambhu Sir expressed a doubt that Ritu probably has Autism as well.
Dr. Preeti Jajodia assessed our child and Ritu was diagnosed with Mild Autism. One can imagine how this news wreaked a havoc in our lives as we were facing two monsters!
We shall forever remain indebted to SAHAS and Dr. Preeti Jajodia for all the mental, emotional and practical support that we have got since then. Dr. Preeti was available whenever we needed her Even when she was abroad she was always available for us. She suggested various therapies and tips for our child, using which we were able to make our child quite independent despite her disabilities.
Ritu draws beautifully! Presently she expresses her desire to learn piano from me.
Shambhu Sir has also been our mentor and guide in this journey. We hope that SAHAS impacts many more lives with its Midas’ touch. Also we would request SAHAS to consider the caregiving aspect of our child when we will leave the world. This is a nagging worry for us.