We envision a society where there will be less discrimination and marginalization and more equality for people with disabilities. For that we believe that it is imperative to first empower children and people with disabilities to take control of their lives and then focus on sensitization of the society around to promote inclusiveness of people with disabilities. Inclusiveness cannot happen unless children with disabilities are on an equal footing with their non-disabled peers, and that can be done only if they overcome the barriers to economic and thereby social empowerment and integrate themselves into the mainstream society. Inclusiveness has two aspects: economic and social empowerment of the marginalized, and the sensitivity of the society around them. We at SAHAS work on the primary goal of empowerment for the language impaired child so that he/she can function effectively and integrate into the mainstream of the society on an equal footing with other people. SAHAS envisions that no language impaired child will be deprived of a regular life in the mainstream on account of the lack of the ability to communicate in oral language.