In the fall of 1991, Angshu – the first born of Madhumita and Shambhu Nath Jajodia was detected severe to profoundly deaf. Even as the world of the Jajodias crumbled around them, they decided to fight to the finish to save their child from impending dumbness. In their search for a valid intervention programme which would help achieve their goal, the Jajodias sought professional guidance and consultations at several levels and underwent a rigorous training programme at the John Tracy Clinic, Los Angeles, USA. Within a year the child attained enough language to be admitted to a mainstream school. Having achieved success with their own child the Jajodias began sharing their knowledge and experience with other parents of similar children, emphasizing the methodology of the rehabilitation programme. The method achieved its success and thereby came into being a Body of Parents working for the Oral Rehabilitation of their children. This body, in 1998, wished to spread its message and share the sweet taste of success with more and more people affected by similar circumstances. To increase and expand its scope, therefore, this self-help group pioneered by Shambhu Nath Jajodia and Madhumita Jajodia deemed it necessary to create a formalised Association. Thus was born SAHAS.