SAHAS and We

SAHAS is an organisation that has not only helped me to change my views about the deaf and dumb but I am also short of words to express my gratitude towards the organisation. My daughter Avipsha was 4 years old when I first visited SAHAS in December 2016. After her birth, despite her fluency in certain words we could not understand the problem even after consulting a doctor. They had rather suggested me to put my daughter to undergo a cochlear implant.

We started the training process in February 2017 at SAHAS and she has improved a lot since then. Initially she could not even understand the meaning of “water” but with time she has gained a lot of knowledge regarding words. Her word power has improved by leaps and bounds. The learning process of SAHAS has helped me to teach her in the right direction. Initially I was very nervous regarding how much will I be able to teach her but after going to SAHAS and attending the lectures I gained confidence and was able to solve the problem to a large extent. Now the process of learning is still going on. Avipsha is 6 years old and enrolled in dance and drawing classes. She will be going to school from January 2018. I am extremely thankful to the members of SAHAS for their contribution to the society.

Amropali and Sudipta Ray,

Burdwan, West Bengal